Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship has Access to Extensive Library of Industry Reports

Vertical IQ

Recently, the Institute obtained access to the extensive industry report database: Vertical IQ. Vertical IQ has industry intelligence reports covering more than 97% of the US Economy. These timely and relevant reports include:

  • Quarterly industry updates
  • Industry-specific news articles
  • Local economic reports
  • Financial benchmark comparisons
  • Identify industry trends
  • Explore common risks and opportunities within different industries

Businesses, economic development organizations, funding agencies and more can use these reports to:

  • Compare financial projects to industry averages
  • Access business risks
  • Understand specific industry challenges
  • Use the content to improve business model canvas, SWOT, and business plans
  • Assess cash flow challenges specific to each industry
  • Provide businesses owners with intelligence on the industries they are looking to sell to (for Business to Business organizations)

How can you access this database? Preview your industry report by clicking here and contact your local Wisconsin SBDC office today to get your report at no cost!