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Find out who is behind helping your small business dreams get off the ground. The Institute staff has the network and expertise to help entrepreneurs and innovators at any stage of their journey with any problem.

Mark Lange

Executive Director – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

Mark enjoys exploring and sharing ideas and is interested in learning about the ideas of others. He likes to engage researchers and research organizations to exchange ideas related to collecting, visualizing and utilizing business activity data. Mark’s willingness to try new things is evident, especially in his exploration of data as tools used in decision making.

Bon Wikenheiser

Associate Director – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship
State Director – Small Business Development Center
Director – Center for Technology Commercialization

Bon most enjoys empowering others to realize their best work. When the right people have a common goal at the right time, truly remarkable progress happens. Creating these teams based on the needs of others and the talent of the professionals involved is the driving motivation for what she does. Bon values these relationships and the commitments colleagues have to their clients and communities.

Gina Ferraro

Chief Financial Officer – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship
Financial Officer – Small Business Development Center

One aspect of Gina’s job that she really enjoys is working with a great team because she feels you can accomplish so much more when you work together. Projects become especially meaningful to Gina when they help translate abstract numbers into a concrete value.

Nate Gullick

Strategic Data Lead – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship
Associate State Director – Small Business Development Center

Nate really enjoys traveling around the state visiting with each office. He feels the talented group has such dedicated staff that it is always a treat to catch up with them and explore new ideas. Helping people solve problems or fixing issues keeps Nate inspired. He feels a great sense of accomplishment when providing substantive assistance to make someone’s work easier and more fulfilling. He strives to remove obstacles to get the whole team to the finish line.

James Wegener

Network Accountant – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship
State Network Accountant
Small Business Development Center

Areas of expertise for James include numbers and budgets. Designing and managing spreadsheets and pivot tables are especially important to him. His co-workers value his ability to interpret and explain policy and say James is always a pleasure to be around. Those who work with James enjoy his patience, positive attitude and efficiency.

Jennie Broecker

Marketing and Communications Manager – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

Jennie says her current role with University of Wisconsin is one of her favorite jobs. She enjoys launching and promoting new initiatives and loves that she works with a talented team of professionals who make a difference in business owners’ lives. In turn, those entrepreneurs make a difference in communities across the state. Because of this, Jennie learns new things and meets new people regularly. However, one of her favorite aspects of the job is creating and managing social media content.

Stephanie Robey

Administrative Specialist – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

Stephanie’s areas of expertise include writing, proofreading, event planning and organization. Others say of working with Stephanie that she always “gets things done with a smile.” One of her favorite parts of the job is interviewing clients and then compiling the information to write their business success stories.

Evelyn Walker

Operational Data Specialist – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

Evy really enjoys creating data visualizations, as she believes that this is the perfect way to tell a story of analytics without having to have a background in mathematics or statistics. It is important for her to learn the data in and out, know the purpose of what the data is really telling the user and how this can be used to increase business results, approach directions that the data dictates, and help its users to be make data driven decisions. Evy is a problem solver and she doesn’t rest until she finds a solution.

Kody Ova

Marketing & Communications Specialist – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

Kody’s favorite aspect of his job is the ability to access every part of entrepreneurship in Wisconsin. As the marketing and communications specialist for the Institute, he is able to touch and promote every part of the programming, from the high-tech CTC to food businesses in FFI and everything in-between with the SBDC. Helping to tell client stories in creative ways is meaningful to him.

Jason Geissler

Operations Data Specialist – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

People who have worked with Jason describe him as easygoing and always keeping the big picture in mind. He feels the best aspect of his job so far has been the amazing colleagues at IBE. He firmly believes that anything can be a good experience if you do it with the right people around you and IBE is full of the right people.

Jeff Hegeman

IT Programmer – Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship

One of his favorite aspects of his job is constantly learning new things. A lot of what he does is not very visible externally, so projects that provide tangible improvements are most meaningful to him. Building something from scratch or overhauling legacy software are two projects he really enjoys.

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